Get Skilled in Nepal

6 days

Nepal has wowed people all over the world with its creativity in Pottery, Wood Carving, Thanka paintings and most of all its savory cuisines. Have you ever imagined if you could acquire some of these skills? What if you had a knack for pottery, or wood carving, or cooking, or, say, painting? You would never know. But, what if you had the ability to know? What if you could learn? With the ‘Get Skilled In Nepal’ plan, you CAN. 

These skills have been handed over from generations to generations each time amplified in its mastery and advanced in its form. Once you learn these skills, they can be decorated and enhanced with the locally available materials – creating a fusion of the traditional and the modern. Learn the morale of Nepali art and practice field engaging in it. The training program is based primarily in Kathmandu.

However, depending on your preference, the itinerary can be changed according to your travel plans. (P.S. For this, you will have to contact us in advance)

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

Also, a Jungle Safari in Chitwan, a vacation in Lumbini, a tour to Pokhara or any hiking trip that suits your interest can be added. This tour was primarily planned with college and high school students in mind, so, it is most suited to them. In addition, the trip can be extended, beyond the stated 6 days, to fit your travel plans.

No fixed departures

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu :

Met and greeted by our airport representative; Transfer to your hotel room; accepted meal at a genuine Nepali restaurant.

Day 02: Nepalese Pottery Workshop at Bhaktapur:

This day, you will learn the traditional art and practice of pottery from an expert potter. Be ready to get your hands to get grimy as you sign up for a fun-filled pottery workshop at Bhaktapur, the heart of the pottery focal point at Pottery Place. Once done, you will be allowed to keep your work and carry it home along with the sense of accomplishment and pride.

Day 3: Woodcarving Workshop at Patan:

A qualified carver will present to you on woodcarving and familiarize you with the concepts of Nepali crafts development. You will be educated on carving technologies and taught on the various equipment used during the process. Also, you will prepare something you will be proud of as well.

Day 4: Nepalese Food preparation Workshop in Kathmandu:

You will be trained by a specialist chef to prepare a traditional bowl that can be replicated in your own house. You will learn to cook delicious Nepali and Newari cuisine. You will be able to add that eminent flavors to any dish you prepare. The recreation will include a 4-hour instructive food prep workshop. In the end, you will enjoy a great meal accompanied by the local alcohol(Rakshi).

Day 5: Thanka Painting on Workshop at Boudhanath Complex:
You will acquire a unique understanding of the traditionally prescribed Buddhist custom together with knowledge about this remarkable belief all through art. You will likely attain your very own proficiencies in the genuine setting of an effective Thanka covering college or university. Let loose your very own creative thinking with the use of the art of getting a Thanka: a colorful painting essential to the Buddhist custom. A Thanka, which means “flat painting on,” are available in virtually every Buddhist monastery and your residence, on the other hand, they are generally intended for godly purposes. With this workshop, you are going to have the chance to generate minimal Thanka personally, which after the workshop you will take home, an exceptional souvenir.

Day 6: Airport escort for your very own trip back in return:
In case you plan to extend your trip duration, more thrilling courses may be added. The price of the program will depend on the size of the group and some other factors. We will try our best to provide the most affordable prices.

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Trip Fact

  • Trip Style: Educational
  • Group Size: minimum 2
  • Holidays: Nepal

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