Aussie Action Board, an Australia based charity organisation is hosting a fund raising event to support the education and empowerment initiatives for rural Nepalese women. The program is scheduled to happen on the 10th of March 2018 at Thornbury Theatre, Melbourne from 5.30 PM onwards. Shailee Basnet and Maya Gurung two of the summiteers from Seven Summit Women will be present at the venue.

A statement has been issued by the Event Coordinator Mr Prakash Thapa about the background of the event

Prakash Thapa
Event Coordinator
Aussie Action Board

About a decade ago a team of Nepali women geared up to climb the highest peak, MT Everest. They were told it was an over-ambitious project and a recipe for disaster. Despite various socio-economic challenges, ‘First Inclusive Women Sagarmatha Expedition’ became the most successful female expedition on Everest. Shailee Basnet then led members of the team to climb the highest mountain in each continent. In 2014, Seven Summits Woman Team became the first female team in history to climb the seven summits. Between climbs, the team and their work towards education, empowerment and empowerment has been honoured by the US Government with an audience in the White House in Washington DV, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Australia, Rt Honourable President of Nepal. The team has been covered globally by the BBC, ESPN, Sports illustrated among others. Marking International Women’s day, Shailee Basnet has been invited to speak at the event at the Graduate Union of the University of Melbourne Inc.

Melbourne is fortunate to host Shailee Basnet and Maya Gurung, two of the members of the Seven Summits Women Team that became the first female team in the world to scale the highest peak in each moment.

Aussie Action Abroad is honoured to host an event to support the education and empowerment initiatives of these incredible women impacting young student in remote villages of Nepal. We are pleased to invite you to be part of our Fundraising Dinner; Everest Women for Education in Australia on 10 March, 2018 at the Thornbury Theatre, Melbourne from 5:30 pm onwards.

All contributions will be utilised to rebuild and redevelop community facilities such as the physical infrastructure and establish quality education at the Shree Balsdhar Primary School which was destroyed and washed away in the landslide triggered by 2015 earthquake.

During the event, Shailee, the Team Coordinator of Seven Summits Women Team Coordinator of Seven Summits Women Team will give a motivational presentation on the team’s activities and projects supporting education and women empowerment since their mountaineering successes.

It is an opportunity for you to virtually join their amazing adventures, enjoy some great Nepali food and entertainment and support Nepali projects through their non –profit partner Aussie Action abroad, AAA.

Businesses and individuals can support the event through sponsorship, participation, and donation. As a sponsor, your company and contribution to this event will be acknowledged in an article that will be published in our newsletter, on social media and by verbal announcement during the evening. This is a wonderful marketing opportunity for your company, as we seek to share with our clients your business and its many features and benefits. Kindly send a confirmation to the sender with information relating to your sponsorship and company details.
Everest view Travels  along with other business enterprises remain the proud supporter of the event.

Representatives from Seven Summits Women Team and their backgrounds

Shailee Basnet

Shailee Basnet lead the historic ‘Seven Summits Women Team ‘that became the first female group in the world to scale the highest peak in each continent. During the process she also held presentations and organized empowering outdoor activities for women across the world. Shailee is a professional motivational speaker who has addressed an audience of over 16000 at the Lions International Toronto Convention. She is one of the esteemed speakers at the upcoming Toastmasters International Convention being held in Vancouver. Her inspiring presentations has received standing ovation from Nepal to New York. She is bringing her special presentation to Australia to connect outdoor loving Australians with the cause driven adventures nin Nepal.

Maya Gurung

Maya hails from Sindhupalchowk district, which is the focus of EWT work. Sindhupalchowk has been infamous as a district of trafficking for decades. Her dream is to change that reputation by helping both trafficking survivors regain control of their life as well as empower young rural women for better future. She has been actively working towards this end since 2008 when she became the first woman from her district to climb Everest. Together with Shailee, Maya has been providing life changing opportunities to young women and men of her district. Following the 2015 earthquake, she has led relief and recovery work in the region reaching to thousands in the region.
Both Maya and Shailee are the recipient of PRABAL JANA SEWA SHREE, the highest civil medal from the President of Nepal.