Some travel bloggers came up with the theory that some days of the week are better than the other in booking flights. But the truth is it doesnot matter if you book your flights on Monday or Thursday. At least, there are no statistically significant theory to back that.
What does matter, however, is the month you choose to travel. And according to study, May is the best time to fly the cheapest.
Its also found that May falls before the rush of June and July, when it’s summer in the northern hemisphere and when school holidays in Australia. There are also no Australian public holidays in May (unless you’re in Queensland), whereas there are plenty of long weekends to make use of in April – and people do, which drives up prices.It’s shoulder season around the world so it does make sense for May to be the month of affordable travel.
Research team in Skyscanner says less people travel in May – they hold off for the winter/summer break, or they’ve already travelling in April. The stats confirm it, too.
The team at Skyscanner, world’s largest flight search engine found that the cheapest time to book is about 21 to 22 weeks in advance. That’s when the best fares are released. And the most expensive time to travel is December.

And it’s the same for all of Australian travellers’ favourite destinations. According to Skyscanner, flights to the subcontinent starts from 550$ in May. Malaysian Airline , China southern airline have released fares from 500$ to the subcontinent cities such as Kathmanu, Delhi, Islamabad, Dhaka and other subcontinent cities.
Similary Australian’s hot spot destination like Bali in May cost an average of $610 return – 29 per cent cheaper than the annual average. Flights to London were $1730 return – 13 per cent cheaper than the average. Flights to LA were also good value at $1308 – if you chose to fly there in December you’d be looking at $2174, or 43 per cent more.