Low cost carriers are becoming increasingly popular amongst budget travellers for its prices. Travellers love them as they can travel from Point A to B with significantly cheaper prices. But there are few strident rules and regulations associated with those cheaper airfares that can cause travellers.
Low Cost Carrier

The rigid rules and regulations imposed by LCC seem to not appeal everyone. Travellers that are accustomed to getting meal, luggage, beverages included in the fare will not like to travel Low cost carrier.
So what are some information that need to be aware of if you are flying LCC

1) Beware of extra charges
Don’t go by the headline prices if you buying LCC. If travelling means more than just a basic seat then you really need to be aware of what you are buying.
While traditional carriers typically provide full service offerings, LCCs and new world carriers typically promote no frills fares with few inclusions beyond the basic airfare.
This means that travellers can now expect to pay for a range of features that are typically provided free on traditional carriers including:

• Airport check-in
• Assigned seats
• Checked baggage
• Sporting equipment
• Food and drinks
• Pillows and blankets; and
• Access to in-flight entertainment

These extra charges, which airlines generally class as ancillary services, can significantly increase the cost of no frills low cost carrier fares, making them comparable to or more expensive that full service airlines’ fares.
2) No refunds
Fares offered by LCCs are often non-refundable.
In some cases, you can apply for a refund of the unused fare’s tax component, but you will be required to pay an additional administration fee to the airline. The airline’s administration fee can be larger than the refund you are owed. So you basically loose the whole fares if you are to cancel the LCC tickets.

3) Changing dates could cost fortunes
More often than not LCC fares may be non-changeable. Even if you have bought the type of fares that can be changed, the admin fee and the fare difference can be so huge that it might be better off to actually buy a new ticket.

4) Check-in requirements could be different from other full service airlines
LCCs are also strict on their check-in requirements. They usually check in their passengers earlier than traditional carriers.
If you don’t check-in on time, chances are the airline will not allow you to board the flight, even if you are just a minute or two later than required.

5) Ensure you are within your luggage allowances
LCCs strictly enforce the weight limits they place on luggage. If it exceed even by minimum they will charge a hefty fee. Same applies to check in luggage.

6) Travelling with families and kids
Low Cost Carrier might not be an ideal option for travellers with family and kids. If you do, make sure you factor in the services you will require. Not all LCCs provide pre-assigned seats, a luggage allowance, entertainment and a snack. LCC can consider all of these services chargable.

7) Cancelled flights
While airlines generally make provisions to help passengers when flights are cancelled, some LCCs specify, under their Terms of Carriage, that they will not be responsible for reaccommodating travellers.

8) Interline agreements and alliances
Low cost carrier generally operate independently of traditional airlines and are not part of the various alliances.
If your holiday itinerary includes flights on both LCCs and traditional carriers be sure to leave sufficient time between flight connections to collect and recheck luggage and to accommodate possible delays.
If you miss your connecting flight, your airlines might not have arrangements that will allow you to reschedule without incurring significant costs.

9) Secondary airports and terminals
LCCs do not always use major airports and terminals.
When evaluating the cost of your LCC airfare, factor in the time and expense of transferring from a secondary airport to your ultimate destination.
You may also need to factor in travel time between an LCC terminal and a terminal used by traditional carriers if you have connecting flights at the same airport.

10) At the airport
In addition to pioneering no frills airfares, some LCCs have also opted for “low frills” terminals to reduce costs.
If your schedule includes lengthy airport layovers at an LCC terminal, don’t expect to lounge in comfort.