Europe & South America

Let's go wild wild west...

Europe is a fairy tale story, a journey back in time, an art so flabbergasting; Europe is amazing. Be it castles, unventured wilderness, hiking routes, culinary diversity, tongue-twisting yet mellifluous languages, you name it, Europe has it all. It’s a travel paradise; a land so diverse yet so beautiful.

Europe’s arsenal of scenic attractions far exceeds any other place. It has been blessed with beaches, flora and fauna, highlands, lowlands and peaks, and valleys alike. Europe is simply divine, like a setting straight out of storybooks. Better, it could be the inspiration behind many a story books. ?

Then, there’s an innumerable variety of tastes that explode in your mouth. Europe is rich in just about everything.


Like with many young travellers, Europe is where my life on the road began in the late 1980s with a £140 Inter-rail ticket. Not having travelled outside Britain as a child, I’ll never forget the excitement of arriving at Paris’ Gare du Nord after dark to explore the ‘City of Light’. Since then, I’ve travelled around Europe multiple times returning regularly to my favourite places (Andalucía, the Loire, the Dolomites, London and the English Lake District) and revelling in the diversity, intensity and complexity of this multilayered continent that I’ll need at least 10 lifetimes to explore properly.

Brendan Sainsbury, Writer