Limitless experiences of cultures, heritage and landscapes

Asia attracts tremendous number of travellers each year for business and tourism.  Its vibrant cultures, fabulous street food, ancient civilisation to mega cities, shopping malls, beaches and mountains offer boundless experiences for travellers. As Holidays in Asia offer a bewildering choice of experiences for the adventure travellers, it is equally attractive for people with entrepreneul aspirations. The world’s largest continent by land area and population is quickly becoming economic hub and technology capital.

Prosper, mordern and advanced countries such as Japan, South Korea , Singapore, Taiwan, Hongkong and Korea to developing countries like Afganistan, Laos, Nepal and Cambodia co-exist harmoniously in Asia to offer intriguing destinations for every type of traveller, be they a novice or experienced. And there are countries like Bhutan, Maldives and North Korea that are known for their specific  types of tourism.

Apart from being the most populous continent on earth, Asia has the credit of being the origin of all mainstream relegions like Hinduism, Judaism, Christinaity and Jainism.  With Mt Everest, Great wall of China , Taj Mahal and several other iconic tourist attractions to its embrace, Asia truly is a landmark contininent.

Seven out of world's ten most visited cities for 2016 are in Asia.  Bangkok tops the list followed by London, Paris, Dubai, New York, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, Tokyo and Seoul. The next ten include Hong Kong, Taipei, Osaka and Shanghai.