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Nepal Australia Business Forum 2018 : A Business Staple for Communal Development

With the advent of a stable Nepalese government, plans for Visit Nepal 2020 and a vision to promote tourism and business in Nepal and in Australia, Melbourne is set to enjoy an auspicious ‘Nepal Australia Business Forum 2018’. It is organized by the Embassy of Nepal in Canberra in association with the Office of Consulate […]

Two girls looking at the information board to check their flight status

The Love Hate Relationship…!! Australian Airports, Delays and Passengers

You must have experienced the unconditional love from airports, where it’s wanted you to stay just a tad bit more with its flight delays and cancellations. And, you, like any cool handsome guy from a romantic Korean flick, reluctant to pay heed to this love; might have let out a deep saddening sigh compelled to […]